Our mission

Mission statement 

Our union strives to protect Alphabet workers, our global society, and our world. We recognize our power as Alphabet workers—full-time employees, temporary employees, vendors, and contractors—comes from our solidarity with one another and our ability to collectively act to ensure that our workplace is equitable and Alphabet acts ethically.

We will use our reclaimed power to control what we work on and how it is used. We will ensure our working conditions are inclusive and fair. There is no place for harassment, bigotry, discrimination, or retaliation. We prioritize the needs and concerns of the marginalized and vulnerable. Workers are essential to the business. The diversity of our voices makes us stronger.

We will ensure Alphabet acts ethically and in the best interests of society and the environment. We are responsible for the technology that we bring into the world, and recognize that its implications reach far beyond Alphabet. We will work with those affected by our technology to ensure that it serves the public good.

Values statement 

The following values guide our work:

  1. All Alphabet workers deserve a voice: full-time employees, temporary employees, contractors, and vendors. We care for and support each other by striving for open and continuous dialogue among union members.
  2. Social and economic justice are paramount to achieving just outcomes. We will prioritize the needs of the worst off. Neutrality never helps the victim.
  3. Everyone deserves a welcoming environment, free from harassment, bigotry, discrimination, and retaliation regardless of age, caste, class, country of origin, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  4. All aspects of our work should be transparent, including the freedom to decline to work on projects that don’t align with our values. We need to know the impact of our work, whether it’s on Alphabet workers, our communities, or the world.
  5. Our decisions are made democratically, not just by electing our leaders who set the agenda, but by actively and continuously listening to what workers believe is important.
  6. We prioritize society and the environment instead of maximizing profits at all costs. We can make money without doing evil.
  7. We stand in solidarity with workers and advocates everywhere, who are fighting to make their workplaces more just and demanding that the tech industry refuse to maintain infrastructures of oppression.

We are Alphabet Workers who stand united.

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