Why we organized

Because Alphabet workers have power together 

We recognized that our power as Alphabet workers—full-time employees, temporary employees, vendors, and contractors—comes from our solidarity with one another.

We are creating an innovative union. Alphabet has always been an innovative company, with innovative workers; it is only fitting that we create an innovative union. We use labor protections wherever we can, but we do not rely solely on labor protections.

We want to wield our power to ensure:

Let’s come together, reclaim our power, and make Alphabet a better place for all workers.

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Because Alphabet must be good 

To fight the systems of oppression that persist to this day, we stand in solidarity with workers and advocates everywhere.

Our work impacts other Alphabet workers, our communities, and the world. All aspects of our work must be transparent, and we must have the freedom to choose which projects benefit from our labor.

Alphabet can make money without doing evil. We must prioritize the wellbeing of society and the environment over maximizing profits.

Alphabet’s guiding principle used to be “Don’t be evil.”

Help us be Alphabet’s conscience.

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Because Alphabet needs a conscience 

Alphabet needs a conscience. Union members care for each other and provide support through open and continuous dialogue.

We believe that all Alphabet workers deserve a voice:

To achieve just outcomes, social and economic justice are paramount. We believe that neutrality never helps the victim, and we prioritize the needs of the worst off.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and has the right to a welcoming environment regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, class, caste, country of origin, political persuasion, or religion.

Our union is based on solidarity and empathy, and strives to achieve the following goals:

Help us make Alphabet the best.

We are Alphabet Workers who stand united.

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