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Powerful together 

We are the workers of Google, Alphabet, its sister companies, and the contracting and vendor firms they employ. We build the products, maintain the offices, and serve the food that enable our success. We connect our users to the world, design and build our hardware, help businesses use our services, and respond to our users’ feedback.

Without you and your labor, there is no Alphabet.

Many workers feel powerless while leadership professes that they empower people. Workers have tried to influence Alphabet from within, only to be ignored, harassed, and retaliated against. Leadership continues to ignore us and silence us to ensure their success and bonuses.

Alphabet leadership is ready to put:

We trusted our leaders to wield power based on our shared core values, but time and experience have shown that our trust was misplaced.

We are retaliated against when we:

Reclaim your power, hold leadership accountable, and help us improve Alphabet for everyone.

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The stakes couldn’t be higher 

Decisions made within Alphabet are high-stakes and their consequences have long-lasting impact.

The potential risks of our products impact you, your family, and your communities:

Your work is so powerful that it reaches the life of billions daily: storing their emails and files, helping them find their way, and giving them access to the world’s information. We face major challenges and the world’s inequitable distribution of resources has never been more obvious.

You probably joined the tech industry to help solve these problems, but the margin for error is vanishing, and, recently, workers and users have noticed how Alphabet:

Reclaim your power and grab a seat at the table to make the decisions together.

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Fixing things from within 

Our executives shifted their priorities. Short-term financial gains and executive convenience now trump any long-term negative impacts of our services. Our work at Alphabet is analyzing complex problems and identifying innovative and effective solutions, but leadership demands that we follow them blindly, even if it means making problems worse or relying on outdated and ineffective solutions.

Leadership’s actions are evidence of the shift in priorities:

Alphabet won’t allow you to use your insights to ensure that we all live up to our founding promise: Don’t Be Evil.

When leadership suppresses our voices, it is impossible for Alphabet workers to fix things from within, and Alphabet becomes a company that does evil for profit. A new structure is needed at our company to ensure that workers are appropriately heard.


Reclaim your power.

We are Alphabet Workers who stand united.

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