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AWU TVC Office Hours 

AWU hosts monthly office hours that are open to all Alphabet TVCs. Nonmembers are welcome to attend, and worker organizers, both TVC and FTE, will be facilitating the session. We’ll share the latest news on our workplace organizing efforts, but more importantly this is an open forum for everyone. Come share your workplace concerns, challenges, and questions of any kind.

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About union days 

Union days are open to all workers at Alphabet. We welcome TVCs, FTEs, union members, and non-members who are interested in learning more about workplace issues. Union days are periodic events where we discuss ongoing campaigns, workplace concerns, organizing opportunities, and other ways to get involved to improve Alphabet. All are welcome!

Watch previous union days 

Previously recorded union days are added here. However, the recording can never replace the real thing. We record the presentations, but in order to enable workers to speak freely, the breakout room discussions and Q & As aren’t recorded. The best way to experience a Union Day is to attend so that you don’t miss out on the great conversations!

Google’s ghost workers demand respect 

You’ve heard about the two-tiered system of TVCs and FTEs, but there are more hidden layers to Google’s workforce. Learn about the organizing efforts of the Rater’s subcontractors: Google workers who test, train, and evaluate Google Search algorithms, but are excluded from Google’s wages and benefits standard and some make less than $10 per hour without health insurance.

Ending Google’s complicity in Israeli apartheid 

A discussion about organizing to end Google’s complicity in Israeli apartheid through its 1 billion dollar Project Nimbus, a Google Cloud contract with the Israeli government and military. We amplify Palestinian Googlers’ voices. We also address why anti-Zionism is not antisemitism and how to respond as a community to harmful weaponizations of antisemitism.

Organizing towards caste equity at Alphabet 

A discussion on the history of caste discrimination, how it manifests in the US and in tech workspaces. We also talk about our efforts on anti-caste organizing at Alphabet and how to take collective action towards bringing caste equity in our workplace.

Google Maps strike pledge 

A panel discussion of Google Maps TVC workers who are organizing their workplace around unsafe working conditions. After a petition and strike pledge was signed by the majority of their office, RTO was extended by 90 days! These workers share their organizing efforts and give us first-hand experience about organizing a strike at Alphabet.

Cigars, civil rights, and communists 

A talk on the Charleston Cigar Factory Strike of 1945-1946 by Rachel Donaldson, PhD, a historian at the College of Charleston.

Google Fiber: Fighting for a bargaining unit 

A panel discussion of Google Fiber TVC workers who are organizing their workplace. These workers share their organizing efforts and give us first-hand experience about building the first bargaining unit organized with Alphabet Workers Union.

Discrimination in the workplace with Chelsey Glasson 

Hear former Googler, Chelsey Glasson, share a few stories from her experiences with pregnancy discrimination, harassment, and retaliation and some opportunities that have emerged to support whistleblowers.

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