Drop the deadnames 

Alphabet encourages full-time employees to “bring your whole self to work,” funds Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to support employees of diverse backgrounds, and prioritizes identity-affirming treatment such as ensuring employees are referred to by their chosen names.

In yet another demonstration of Alphabet’s two-tier employment system, all of those considerations go out the window for TVCs (temps, vendors, and contractors).

Like many other Alphabet TVCs, our member Phares Lee is required to use an employee badge printed with their deadname, routinely referred to by deadname in automated systems (even after updating their Teams profile), and prevented from participating with ERGs.

Join our fight for worker equity and trans rights by signing our petition for TVC workers like Phares who are othered by Alphabet and Google.

Justice for childcare center workers 

Support transportation equity for early childhood educators!

Sign and share the letter to show your support for these educators asking Google to provide a transportation stipend.

Google operates four Childcare Centers in the Bay Area that help provide subsidized childcare to Google workers by Google workers. These Google Childcare Center workers are being required to return to work while Google’s shuttle service transportation, which many rely on, remains suspended. When workers raised this issue, the corporate response was “transportation is just a perk, not a benefit.” Shifting this cost to essential workers, who earn far less than the Googlers whose children they care for, is unacceptable. Google must do better.

Changing Alphabet 

Before publicly announcing the Alphabet Workers Union on January 4th, 2021, our union has been involved in affecting change at Alphabet. We will continue to take action when there are injustices in the workplace and when we believe Alphabet isn’t living up to our values.

Over the course of 2020, we’ve created space to give Alphabet workers opportunities to voice their concerns, such as by holding listening events on the one-year anniversary of the firings of the “Thanksgiving Four” and speaking out in chatrooms about Dr. Gebru’s firing.

We will continue to share our efforts here and defend our fellow workers!

We are Alphabet Workers who stand united.

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