Executive Council 2021 - 2022

Parul Koul
Executive Chair
Parul is a software engineer at Google, having joined as an Engineering Resident in 2019.
Chris Schmidt
Recording Chair
Chris is a Software Engineer at Google in Cambridge. After participating in more than half a decade of organizing with workers at Google, and seeing the retaliation and pushback that often resulted, he joined AWU-CWA to fight to make sure that no worker would ever need to walk into a meeting with HR alone—either figuratively or literally.
Ashok Chandwaney
Finance Chair
Ashok is a Software Engineer at Google in Seattle, WA.
Shelby Hunter
Organizing Chair
Shelby has been a TVC for Google for 4 years, developing training material and policy for Google Maps.
Stephen McMurtry
Communications Chair
Stephen McMurtry is a senior software engineer in Google's Chicago office. He started at the company in 2021 and works on Google Search.

We are Alphabet Workers who stand united.

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