Every Google Worker

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At AWU-CWA, we want to organize Every. Google. Worker.

This includes Google full-time employees (FTEs), workers at Alphabet’s “Other Bets,” Temps, Vendors, and Contractors (TVCs) in the Extended Workforce, and ghost workers like Raters whom Google doesn’t recognize as contractors. To build power at a company worth over $1 trillion and with tens of thousands of direct and indirect workers, we need all the solidarity!

To combat the many ways in which Google seeks to divide us by employment classification, types of contractor, and levels of pay and benefits, we conducted a survey of over 1,800 members of the extended workforce to discuss their employers' adherence to Google’s stated contractor minimum standards.

The troubling results of our investigation can be found at everygoogleworker.alphabetworkersunion.org

Our survey found that:

  1. Google excludes thousands of workers from its stated minimum standards.
  2. Those standards have been poorly communicated to workers and not enforced by contractors.
  3. Even workers covered by the standards cannot keep up with the rising cost of living.
  4. Pay and benefit disparities for similar roles across vendors is further exacerbated by race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.
  5. Contracted employees of all incomes report being treated as second-class workers—even when they work alongside direct Google employees.

View our survey results to learn more!

We are Alphabet Workers who stand united.

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